FACT mix 419: Murlo

The first FACT mix of 2014 comes from an artist we expect to be hearing a lot more from this year, Murlo.

From the Midlands but based in London, Murlo’s been kicking around a while – in fact, he remixed Tri Angle act Water Borders back in 2010 – but in the last eighteen months, as he’s started to focus less on soca and bashment and more on his ornate interpretations of instrumental grime, he’s really found third gear. 2013 saw EPs on Unknown to the Unknown (‘Adder’) and Glacial Sound (‘Last Dance’), as well as a spectacular collaboration with Famous Eno, ‘Ariel’, but if the dubplates on Murlo’s FACT mix are anything to go by then the best is yet to come.

FACT mix 419 really packs the tunes in – 35 in just over an hour, in fact – and after a vocal-heavy first half, featuring Vybz Kartel, Flowdan, a Riko and Rabit collaboration and a Logos refix of a Samename refix of Wiley, it’s when the mix starts to focus on Murlo’s own productions that it really takes you somewhere else. Few people are making music quite as visual as this guy at the moment – get stuck in below and you’ll see what we mean.


Mr Mitch – The Man Waits
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – VClipse
Murlo – Dripstone (The Chase Scene)
Vybz Kartel – Live You Life
Kakarot – Port Harcourt (Shriekin’ Specialist Orchestral Remix)
Brackles ft. Fox – Skank
Wen – Signal
Rabit ft. Riko Dan – Black Dragon
Dark0 – Skelly (VIP)
SirPixalot – Brazil
Samename vs Wiley – Cold Refix (Logos Step 20 blend)
Piri Piri – Quest (Neana Remix)
Gage – Telo (VIP)
Akito – Metamessage (Alternate Mix)
Zed Bias, Trigga & Flowdan – Poppit
Spooky – Joyride (Murlo VIP)
Finn – Keep Calling
Shriekin’ Specialist – Bananas
Sean Paul – Bounce It Right There (Dubbel Dutch Grime Version)
Sharda – Honey
Murlo – Into Mist
Murlo – Untitled
Shriekin’ Specialist – Cats Eyes
Murlo – Untitled
Murlo – Cold Stroke
Dubbel Dutch – Tommy Lee Theme
JT – Ice Pick
Slackk – Ancient Dolphin
Murlo – Bulwark
Murlo – Pharaohs
Murlo – Pharaohs (Dubbel Dutch Edit)
Sharda – Swan Dive
Murlo – Broken Arrow
DJ Q – Trust Again (Major Grave Remix)



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