Rolling Stone's Will Hermes to write "definitive" Lou Reed biography

Rolling Stone writer Will Hermes has signed up to write a “full, definitive biography” of Lou Reed, who died in October last year aged 71.

With a working title of Lou: A New York Life, the book will trace the Velvet Underground linchpin’s lengthy career and his relationship with the city he called home.

“Reed loved the city deeply, based his adult life here, rooted much of his work here and was a huge figure in our cultural life,” Hermes told the New York Times. “I think we have yet to fully measure the loss. He was one of the greatest artists of our generation.”

Hermes’ last book was the excellent Love Goes to Buildings on Fire, which chronicled New York’s fertile mid-1970s music scene.

Patti Smith, Can’s Irmin Schmidt and the Vatican were among those who wrote personal tributes to Reed after his death last year. Read FACT’s obituary and dive into our selection of Reed’s lesser-known gems.

In a more irreverent spirit, Macauley Culkin recently unveiled his pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band. [via NME]



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