If you’re of a certain age and spent as much time indoors as we did, chances are you had some quality one-on-one time with Nintendo’s massively acclaimed The Legend of Zelda series.

British electronic musician and videogame fetishist Jeesh has found the perfect way to capture this experience, and has plonked together a charming (and very clever) three-minute tribute to all things Zelda that’s got us truly misty-eyed. Snatching sounds from (as far as we can tell) every game in Zelda’s long and storied history (including those horrible CD-I ones) we’re treated to a jaunty number that does just enough to tickle the sentimental centers of the brain.

There are few more appropriate Zelda tributes we’ve heard, and definitely none quite so meticulously researched – we’re guessing Ryan Hemsworth will be all over it. [via Kotaku]



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