Yeah yeah, we know what you’re all thinking.

Kanye West might have flirted with sci-fi imagery for some time now, but it looks as if he’s now set to make his interstellar ambitions a reality. The polarizing rapper and volatile motormouth is said to be considering a bit of space tourism for his honeymoon with reality TV “star” Kim Kardashian.

Talking to Grazia, a source said that West has been fixated with the idea for some time, and finally talked Kardashian around. The trip will be made on the CSS Skywalker, an inflatable space station that is due to float 250 miles above the earth come 2015. The exact details haven’t yet been finalized, but the rumored price will be a mammoth $1 million per night – chump change for the starry power couple.

This honeymoon is said to be the “third” West and Kardashian are planning – let’s hope at least one of them involves a motorcycle eh? [via Business Standard]



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