British Board of Film Classification working on age rating for music videos

BBFC wants its new age-rating system applied to music videos.

The British Board of Film Classification, fresh off announcing a new age-rating system, is working with industry group BPI and Google on a pilot program that will investigate the classification of online music videos that portray the “glamorisation of behaviour which [is considered] inappropriate.”

“Google has said that if we start to age-rate videos, they will carry the BBFC age rating,” said BBFC assistant director David Austin. “They’ve also said they will look at the possibility of parental controls in relation to age rating.”

The program will also look into parental filters that would correspond with the age-ratings. “In order for such for age ratings to be really effective, BPI believes that they need to be accompanied by automatic filters that parents can activate to ensure that their children only view age-appropriate material online,” said a BPI spokesman.

However, the BPI is only working on UK-produced music videos; the issue of rating those produced abroad (like Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ video, above) have yet to be answered. [via The Guardian]



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