Low Jack draws on Honduran music for debut album on L.I.E.S

French producer Low Jack will release his debut album on Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. label next month.

Originally commissioned for a live performance at thee Quai Branly Museum of indigenous art in Paris, Garifuna Variations takes its name from the Garifuna people of Honduras, whose music provides the backbone of the album via samples dug out from the museum’s sound library.

Low Jack composed his live set with no intention of releasing the performance, but label boss Morelli apparently asked him to recreate the show for a full-length release. The eight-track album is described by L.I.E.S. as “rhythmic, tense, and hypnotic electronic music that lives in a grey area many are unwilling to step into”, which is a pretty apt descriptor of any number of records in the label’s now-bulging catalogue.

Garifuna Variations is out via L.I.E.S. on February 18, and follows Low Jack’s two EPs on In Paradisum, one on Get The Curse and the Free Pyjamas 12″ on Delsin.

Check the tracklist below and hear ‘Flashes’ from last year’s EP of the same name. [via RA; JunoPlus]


01 Punta
02 QB Untitled 1
03 Crickets Dance
04 QB Untitled 2
05 Abaimahani
06 Punta II
07 New Life
08 Free People V2



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