Eminem to release new music with D12, according to reports

Rapper / Max Headroom impersonator Eminem is getting the boys back together, it seems.

In some quarters – not ours, note – Eminem’s latest LP The Marshall Mathers LP 2 won the Detroit MC his best reviews in a decade. With his critical standing marginally more erect, it now appears, a la the title of his last album, he’s revisiting past achievements once again – by reactivating his oft-maligned crew D12.

The news comes from a piece on one-time Eminem producer Mark Bass in Detroit Free Press, which heavily intimates that the new material from the crew is in the pipeline. A telling section of the article reads as follows:

“Bass, who has started a label called Motunes Media, says he’s also been mixing new material by the mercurial funk-pop giant Sly Stone with members of the original Family Stone band, along with new D12 tracks, including three with Eminem,”

D12’s last full LP was 2004’s D12 World, and the group have been largely incognito since the murder of key member Proof in 2006.

A green Eminem crops up in our recent rundown of videos of rappers before they were famous. [via HipHopDX]



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