Watch Paleman inaugurate Toilet Room, Syndey's Boiler Room "piss-take"

Boiler Room too mainstream for you? Try Toilet Room.

The globe-trotting Boiler Room might live up to its “the world’s leading underground music show” billing, but the crown doesn’t come without its detractors.

Taking Boiler Room’s lo-fi, underground aesthetic to its logical conclusion, Sydney DJ collective Moving House has launched Toilet Room. Exactly what it says on the tin, it’s “intended to be a harmless piss-take” of Boiler Room, with dance music fans crowding into Sydney’s finest bathrooms for a gig.

First up: Swamp 81 producer (and one-time FACT mixer) Paleman, who plays an hour-plus set that includes Four Tet, Zed Bias, Pearson Sound, Lil Silva and more. Watch/listen below; hand sanitizer optional.



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