UK dance music veterans Ben Sims and Keith ‘Radioactive Man’ Tenniswood have lost £10-15,000 worth of gear after a burglary at their paired Hackney studios. 

The pair have posted a list of the stolen gear online – if you’re offered or know anything, then you can get in contact via Tenniswood’s Facebook / Twitter or Sims’ Twitter. They’re offering a reward for info.

Update: and there’s now a video – embedded above.

The list of stolen gear follows:

1x Gibson SG Guitar (1963, White )
1x Korg Electribe ESX1
1x Korg Electribe ES1
2x Macbook Pro Laptop (1 silver, 1 Black)
1x Squire Bass Guitar
1x Takamine Acoustic Guitar
1x Roland Jx8p Synth
1x Korg Kaos Pad 3
1x Native Instruments Maschine (Boxed)
1x UAD2 FX Card (Boxed)
2 x SE Electronics z3000a
2x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus players
1x Zoom H4N Recorder
1x Korg X3 Synth




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