Dean Blunt drops Skin Fade mixtape featuring The Redeemer collaborator Joanne Robertson

Get it while it’s hot.

The incomparable Dean Blunt, creator of FACT’s favourite album of 2013, has just shared a 27-minute mixtape of new music titled Skin Fade.

Beginning in the same kind of hypnotic, woozy mood as his earlier Hype Williams material, the set eases into unfamiliar territory, punctuated with punchy, cavernous drums and Cocteaus-esque chiming guitars. It also features vocals from folk singer Joanne Robertson, who seems to now be a regular fixture in Blunt’s creative output after cropping up on Blunt’s 2013 solo album The Redeemer. 

Stream Skin Fade below. It was available for download for a bit, and then it wasn’t. That could be a Soundcloud issue, or more likely Blunt’s mercurial attitude to releasing material, but hopefully it’ll be available again before he decides to delete it entirely.

Last year FACT’s Chal Ravens was granted a rare audience with the elusive Blunt, and since then he’s teased a handful of tracks with Robertson. [via Tiny Mix Tapes]



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