Dean Blunt announces "free jazz" show in London

The Redeemer plots an April Fool?

Dean Blunt, the enigma behind the best album of 2013, has announced a show at Cafe OTO in east London – on 1 April.

Tantalisingly titled ‘Dean Blunt: Free Jazz’, there are precisely zero further details on the performance, as you’d expect. Previous Blunt performances, both solo and with Hype Williams, have variously involved bodybuilders, treadmills, trumpets, noise assaults and blinding dry ice. Head to Cafe OTO’s website to grab a ticket.

Yesterday Blunt dropped a stunning half-hour mixtape, Skin Fade, featuring his now-regular collaborator Joanne Robertson. Last year FACT tracked him down in Atlanta for a typically mystifying, yet subtly illuminating, Skype interview.



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