London's defunct Colony night dispatches one last mix: "No house/techno in sight"

One final mix from the Colony brothers.

After five years in business, London techno institution Colony bowed out at the end of 2013 with a party at The Hive Project headlined by Peverelist.

In a message to club regulars, bosses CB and MB (also known as Tengui) cited the “increasingly hostile, agent-driven, bureaucracy-ridden, knob-riven climate of today’s (ex-) underground club/rave scene” as a key factor in their retirement.

As a parting shot, the duo have returned with a final transmission, COLONY_X, which comes with the all-caps disclaimer, ‘WARNING: NO HOUSE/TECHNO IN SIGHT’.

Instead they offer a tour through the darkest corners of their record collections, digging out a raft of beatless doom before going full-throttle with a stash of vintage hardcore and jungle tunes. Keep your ears peeled for records by Chris & Cosey, Global Communication, Cabaret Voltaire, Xela, Ilpo Vaisanen, Richard Skelton, Omni Trio, On Remand and more. Not for the faint of heart.

Stream and download COLONY_X below:



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