Wiley‘s an artist whose unpredictability has almost become predictable at this point.

Despite teasing forthcoming album Snakes and Ladders for the last umpteen months (we’ve even had the album’s first single and full tracklist already), the grime Godfather has today announced via Twitter that he’s binned the whole thing.

He posted “I am gonna scrap snakes and ladders and start again cos I ain’t happy with it …Needs to be epic or else there is no point,” adding “start from scratch ……i very rarely do this that’s why i am gonna try it.”

The rapper/producer later revealed that he had spent a mammoth 42 thousand dollars on the project already, announcing that there would be no leaks this time, referencing last year’s fumbled release of The Ascent. Exactly when we’ll hear the album at this point is anyone’s guess, but we reckon that the tracks are bound to emerge at some point – this is Wiley we’re talking about, after all.



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