Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune‘s Beautiful Pimp mixtape was one of last year’s indisputable highlights.

Deeply unusual sounding in the face of torrents of identikit rap albums, it showed the emergence of a powerful new rap talent, and Rome hasn’t let up since its release. After a string of drops (the C4 produced ‘Four Flats‘ being the finest), we’re now being granted a peek at Beautiful Pimp 2, which is due for release later this month.

Produced entirely by CitoOnTheBeat, the tape is being touted as being a markedly different beast from its predecessor (which boasted beats from a handful of different producers), and certainly ‘I Was On One, I Can’t Lie’ shows Rome in a very different zone. Moody and minimal, Cito’s stuttering, neon-lit production wouldn’t sound out of place on a Brainfeeder record, and gives Rome exactly the kind of forward-facing backdrop he needs to utter his string of hazy recollections.

FACT asked Rome Fortune about his favorite record last month, and you can read what he picked here.



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