Of all the bands to have reunited in the last few years, Slowdive have to be one of the most exciting prospects.

You see, they never really got a proper chance the first time around, so the whole thing feels far less like a cynical money grab and more an attempt to service the fans who finally got around to listening to their initially underrated slew of records.

After last month’s announcement that the band would be taking top billing at this year’s Primavera Festival, and playing a single (now sold out) London show, Slowdive have now revealed two more dates. Those of you in the South will be pleased to know that the band have been snapped up for the Latitude Festival in Suffolk (which is taking place from July 17-20), and if you’re too far north don’t worry, as they’ve signed up to play Norway’s esteemed Øya Festival in Oslo (which is running from August 5-8). [via Stereogum]

We’re getting the feeling that there might be more dates to come, so don’t despair if the shoegaze revival isn’t hitting your city just yet.

If you’re looking for a place to start with Slowdive, FACT’s John Twells compiled a handy guide to the band’s finest cuts.



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