Lil B delivers 'Thank You Based God' lecture at University of California, Riverside

Life, the universe and everything from the Based God.

Lil B returned to the lectern this week to address students from the University of California, Riverside under the heading ‘Thank You Based God’, also taking the opportunity to deliver one of his trademark Based Freestyles amid the glare of a thousand smartphone cameras.

The appearance, which was organised by the university’s Associated Students Program Board, follows Lil B’s incredible lecture at New York University in 2012 – listen to that speech in full.

Lil B’s manic release schedule has slowed up slightly of late, but the latest addition to his gargantuan discography came on Christmas Day with the long-promised, 101-track 05 Fuck Em. Back in October, an intrepid Reddit user compiled 45GB of Lil B’s material – albums, mixtapes, documentaries, lectures, the lot.

Check out three videos of the event below – the first was posted by Lil B himself:





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