Cam'ron to launch his own line of capes: "Hate now, cape later"

A strong look from the Dipset fashion icon.

Cam’ron has always been one of hip-hop’s trendsetters, whether he’s rocking a bucket hat or a pink fur coat, but lately he’s been pushing the fashion boat even further out with a selection of fetching capes.

The rapper’s superhero swag isn’t just fancy dress, though – according to an Instagram pic posted yesterday, he’s planning to launch his very own line of capes with help from designer Mark McNairy.

As you can see below, we’re not talking a Hogwarts-esque shroud, here – the cape Cam’ron is rocking looks more like a boxer’s robes and comes emblazoned with the word ‘Dipset’.

Meanwhile, the rapper has been working with Fool’s Gold boss A-Trak on their forthcoming Federal Reserve EP, expected this spring – hear the unashamedly throwback lead track, ‘Humphrey’.



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