Munich club Harry Klein devotes entire March schedule to women DJs

Harry Klein becomes Marry Klein with Helena Hauff, Tama Sumo and more.

Munich techno club Harry Klein has given its entire March schedule over to women DJs in an effort to counter the “persistent under-representation” of women on the club and festival circuit.

Renaming itself ‘Marry Klein’ for the month, the German club has booked big names like Tama Sumo, Helena Hauff, Honey Dijon and Lakuti as well as making space for plenty of lesser-known names to step into the spotlight.

The club will also host a workshop for young female DJs (16+) on March 15 and one for VJs on March 8, plus an Ableton tutorial on March 29. There will also be a screening of Sounds Queer, a documentary about three female DJs living in Berlin featuring Tama Sumo. Find out more on the (German) Harry Klein site. [via RA]

Catch up with Tama Sumo’s stunning FACT mix from last year.


Mar 01  – Dinky & Suza
Mar 03 – Honey Dijon
Mar 06 – Münchner Mädels
Mar 07 – Schamrock Salon
Mar 08 – Marv Velo
Mar 12 – Noé
Mar 13 – DJ Sahne
Mar 14 – Giorgia Angiuli
Mar 15 – La Fleur
Mar 19 – Johanna Reinhold
Mar 20 – Die Electrophilen
Mar 21 – DOK Fest presents Sounds Queer with Tama Sumo
Mar 22 – Iww with Helena Hauff
Mar 26 – Alma Gold
Mar 27 – Liza, Joolz & Essika
Mar 28 – Shinedoe
Mar 29 – Anja Zaube



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