David Beckham's done a chart for Beatport and it's full of bobbins tech-house

David Beckham has done a chart for Beatport, and it’s full of tech-house.

We always had Becks down as more of a hip-hop man, but hanging around in Miami too much will make anyone a victim to the kick – and lo and behold, Becks’ chart (presuming it’s really by him, and not a Becks intern or Beatport hoaxer) is full of gym-time pumpers. To be honest, it’s mostly pretty crap – the first four tracks on it are completely indistinguishable, and it’s only the arrival of DJ Sneak that breathes some life into it – but it does provide some context to his Berghain facial hair phase [above]. And, of course, that time he became David Morales.

Check it out here. Or don’t.



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