Fan sues Skrillex claiming stage dive caused her stroke

Skrillex is being sued by a fan for injuries suffered following a stage dive.

Jennifer Fraissl claims she suffered a stroke after the king of EDM leaped off his DJ booth and landed on her head during a show at The Belasco in Los Angeles in February 2012.

According to Fraisl, she was standing near the front when Skrillex beckoned the crowd forward, pushing her right into his flight path. The injuries she sustained when the DJ landed on her later triggered a stroke, she claims.

TMZ reports that Fraisl is seeking unspecified damages, medical expenses and loss of income from the DJ and bosses at the nightclub.

The online gossipmongers have also dug out a video of Skrillex stage diving that night, although it’s unclear if it’s the very same leap that caused the injury. Watch if you must (it’s not gory) below.

Skrillex is currently in New York for one of his week-long ‘takeovers’ featuring Just Blaze and Lunice, before heading to Amsterdam next week.



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