In celebration of J Dilla‘s 40th birthday, Michael “House Shoes” Buchanan has followed up 2008’s impeccable King James Version Vol.1 with the long awaited second chapter.

It’s typically unimpeachable stuff, blending dusty samples (ripped straight from vinyl, natch) discovered in the dark crevices of Dilla’s collection, from slices of Throbbing Gristle’s harrowing ‘Persuasion’ to snippets of the Electronic Concept Orchestra’s awesome Moog version of ‘The Look of Love’.

The only downside is that the mix is only a brief 45 minutes in length, and when it’s over you’ll be pining for a third part. Maybe in another six years House Shoes will oblige, but until now we can console ourselves with repeat plays.

Update: Looks like we won’t have to wait so long, after all. Buchanan tweets that he will finish the mix when he gets back from Australia in a few weeks, so “stay tuned.”



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