Steve Roach's ambient classic <i>Structures From Silence</i>, to be reissued

FACT’s #10 album of the 1980s, Steve Roach‘s Structures From Silence, is getting reissued.

Released through Projekt to mark the ambient classic’s 30th anniversary, information on the reissue is scarce at the moment – we’ve asked the label for more – but it will feature two bonus CDs “created from the heart of silence”, and has been remastered from the album’s original master tapes.

Stream music from the album here. Here’s what we wrote about it in our run-down of the Best Albums of the 1980s.

Steve Roach’s later work may have taken him into some rather shaky places, but Structures From Silence remains one of the most important ambient albums ever crafted. It isn’t as high profile as similarly poised records from Brian Eno, but its enduring influence has been unmistakably visible in the three decades since its release.

The warming yet alien tones of the album’s title track undoubtedly served as a blueprint for Aphex Twin’s jawdropping double album Selected Ambient Works Vol. II, and the track still sounds removed from time almost thirty years later. ‘Reflections In Suspension’ however is almost upbeat in comparison, bringing to mind early Emeralds or even top-tier soundtrack composer Cliff Martinez with its memorable, emotive synth bass and glimmering pads. Labeling the album as meditative almost does it a disservice –Structures From Silence is a thoughtful, slow-paced study in synthesizer, and it has never been more relevant.




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