Montreal’s yearly experimental music festival Mutek is now on its fifteenth year, and has quite the celebration in store.

Sharing their birthday with digital arts festival Elektra, the two festivals have joined forces and synchronized their dates to emerge with one powerhouse festival. This will allow both organizations to showcase even more pioneering art and music, and the initial lineup is already looking exemplary.

Fittingly taking place at Montreal’s renowned Museum of Contemporary Art, this year’s selection of artists manages to highlight Mutek and Elektra’s decidedly non-commercial approach. There are appearances confirmed from multi-discipline artist Dinos Chapman, dubstep pioneer and Tectonic boss Pinch, German techno innovator Move D, Shackleton, Juju and Jordash (under their Magic Mountain High guise with Move D), Greek dub-techno mainstay Fluxion, Heatsick, Robert Henke, Donato Dozzy, Archie Pelago, Voices from the Lake and Nicholas Jaar, and plenty more still to be announced.

If you happen to have some free time in the week that follows May 27, you know what you have to do.

For more information and tickets head here.



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