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The FACT playlist: our 10 picks of the week


A new year’s resolution of sorts at FACT: every Saturday, we’ll post a run-down of the music – old and new – we’ve most been enjoying in our UK and US offices that week.

No emphasis on the boxfresh or the under-the-radar: just an honest account of what’s spent most time on the respective office stereos, with (where possible) links to the music.

Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – ‘Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall remix)

Veteran city, this one, with cosmic disco pioneer Daneile Baldelli getting the once-over from the esteemed Mr. Weatherall. “Drug chug” is the operative term, we believe, and this mud-caked glitterball of a remix more than redeems the goofy genre tag.

Gobby – Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banshee

Noisy, impish sound experiments from UNO’s resident weirdo. Still wrapping our heads around it, but with hellish marionette videos and song titles like ‘Kill Dog Because Hungry’ and ‘Like if you pee on the side of the bowl so it doesn’t ma…’, what’s not to like?

Young Thug – ‘Ouch’

Young Thug gets a lot of credit — as he should — for contorting his vocals unlike anyone in rap, but Atlanta is also loaded with beatmakers like Y.D.G. who are equally irreverent when it comes to production. Is that a guitar in a trance gate? Who cares!

Karen Gwyer – New Roof EP

Two brooding, monolithic techno hymns buffered by a brief whisper of sepulchral organs, all with excellent track titles.

Mr. Mitch – The Room Where I Belong

Mitch has been doing his thing for a while now, but the last couple of years have seen his take on grime become steadily more strange. This EP certainly feels like the accumulation of something that’s been brewing in Mitch for a while, building on the oddball hypnotism of his Peace Dubs and honing that sound into something unique.

St. Vincent – St. Vincent 

That ace collaboration with David Byrne has rubbed off on this album of bolshy, brassy, crunchy odd-pop.

Ekoplekz – exclusive mix, 20/02/14 Hessle Audio show, Rinse FM (skip to 32 minutes)

Commissioned in honour of his forthcoming Unfidelity LP, this 30-minute odd exclusives session is pure electronic mal de mer – a woozy mix of ricocheting synth licks and burbling circuitry.

Knit Prism – Pace

Michael Pouw has ping-ponged between cassette labels over the years (Digitalis, Cloud Valley and Gift Tapes among them). This two-part suite of analgesic drones and haptic guitar playing, released late last month on Scissor Tail, is proper white witch magic.

Lil Herb – Welcome To Fazoland

Chicago’s new wave continue to impress, with this tough-as-boots debut mixtape suggesting the Windy City won’t be running out of puff any time soon.

Larry Heard – Alien

With Alleviated’s 2xLP reissue on the way in April , we’ve been spending some overdue quality time with Heard’s 1996 LP – his drowsiest, spaciest studio album. Some of the groovier moments haven’t aged well, but the stargazing sections still do the business.



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