Last year’s ‘Above the Cherry Moon’ was an unexpected stormer of a track, nudging its way to no.42 on FACT’s 100 best tracks of 2013.

Now New Jersey producer Joey Anderson has welded together his eagerly-awaited debut album, and it’s shaping up to be just as essential. Techno albums are traditionally a difficult proposition, and producers can find it difficult to achieve a balance between sizzling club tracks and more subdued “home listening” numbers.

Anderson has approached After Forever in his own unique way, rustling up a collection of self-styled “off-dancefloor” music. He says it best himself, “I find it very difficult to create something for people to just like. I’d rather pay attention to making them get close to the album and uncover the ideas within it.”

Mysterious and shrouded in drones and “noir tension,” After Forever is gearing up to be one of the techno releases of the year, and you can hear a generous extended preview below.


01 Space Between Curtains
02 It’s A Choice
03 Space Colors Ideas
04 Maidens Response
05 Sorcery
06 Amp Me Up
07 Keep the Design
08 Brass Chest Plate
09 Archer’s Ceremony
10 Sky’s Blessings
11 Heaven’s Archer



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