Stream 'Gods' by up-and-coming Houston rapper Cory Jreamz

‘Gods’ isn’t the first time Houston rapper Cory Jreamz has talked about getting attention outside his home town, but it’s certainly the song where he’s made the most of it.

From the track’s opening line – ‘magazines in London, no support in Houston’ – Jreamz sets his stall out as something different, collaborating with regular producer Fergus Martin. “We’re well on our way to carving out our own sound”, Jreamz tells FACT, and although there’s definitely reference points – it samples Usher’s ‘Climax’, and recalls the exposed negatives of House of Balloons – it continues to mark him out as something really promising.

Stream ‘Gods’ below and watch out for a video for ‘Nina’, from Jreamz’ Invictis EP, next week.



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