Jerry Goldsmith's score for '70s horror classic The Omen<Jerry Goldsmith's score for '70s horror classic <em>The Omen</em> reissued on vinyl reissued on vinyl

Damien’s back. Again.

Soundtrack specialists Mondo have lined up a vinyl reissue of Jerry Goldsmith’s spectacularly terrifying score for ’70s horror classic The Omen.

Riffing on the religious themes of the movie, a regular tale of a young boy, Damien, who turns out to be the Antichrist, Goldsmith’s Oscar-winning score makes use of avant-garde choral arrangements and Latin chanting, as heard on the theme song ‘Ave Satani’.

It’ll be the first time the score has appeared on vinyl since its initial pressing in 1976, and the reissued soundtrack has been expanded to include nine additional tracks that didn’t appear on the original release (although expanded editions have turned up on CD over the years).

Due to be pressed up in a tiny run of 200, the record will arrive on March 4 on 180g black vinyl and limited ‘Mark of the Beast Translucent Red’, with artwork from Phantom City Creative.

Last year Mondo reissued Danny Elfman’s theme for Tales From The Crypt, while other ace spooky reissues lately include Slumber Party Massacre and Forbidden World. [via Exclaim; Bloody Disgusting]

Hear Goldsmith’s ‘Suite from The Omen‘ and check out the tracklist underneath:


01 Ave Satani
02 On The Night *
03 The New Ambassador
4 Where Is He?*
05 I Was There*
06 Brokens Vows*
07 Safari Park
08 A Doctor Please*
09 The Killer Storm
10 The Fall
11 Don’t Let Him
12 The Day He Died*
13 The Dogs Attack
14 A Sad Message
15 Beheaded*
16 The Bed*
17 666 *
18 The Demise Of Mrs. Baylock
19 The Altar
20 Carol Goldsmith – ‘The Piper Dreams’

* previously unavailable on vinyl



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