Dig into The Smiths' history in an interactive timeline

Heaven knows they’re history now.

The legacy of The Smiths is so far-reaching that it’s sometimes a surprise to remember that the Mancunian indie godheads were together for just five turbulent years, leaving behind a hit-laden discography that bands twice their vintage would kill for.

Proving that point is a spiffy new interactive timeline telling the band’s brief story with help from archive photos, factual nuggets and what appears to be their entire back catalogue handily embedded via Spotify.

If you’re into this sort of thing, check out the band’s discography visualised as a transport map.

All four of The Smiths’ note-perfect studio albums, plus their two compilations and live album Rank, have recently been remastered for iTunes, while if you haven’t managed to dip into Morrissey’s wonderfully idiosyncratic Autobiography yet, we’ve compiled the best bits in a handy playlist. [via CoS]



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