Remember Locked On? We do.

The seminal imprint was responsible for kickstarting a movement that’s been pushing into the mainstream once more over the last few years, and we’re pleased to announce that they’re back. This isn’t a cynical “we bought the name” deal either, original founder Nick Worthington is back at the helm – it’s the real deal.

Some of you might remember the essential Locked On compilation series that soundtracked the mid-late 90s (as anyone rockin’ a pimped-out Vauxhall Nova will be able to remind you), others might be more familiar with Zed Bias’ unbeatable ‘Neighbourhood’ and The Streets’ genre-bending debut LP Original Pirate Material. The label had an irresistible run, and they’re set to return with a 12″ from London duo Arkon Fly, aka Big Jam and Bixby.

Already creating a buzz with Julio Bashmore and Skream, the duo manage to wedge a tidy helping of soul into their snippy, swung rhythms and booming bass, and it certainly signals very good things. It’s good to have you back, Locked On.

‘Through The Fire’ is released on April 21 via Locked On. You can hear the track in full below.



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