The Russian-born New Yorker is no stranger to striking cover art — or mutated dance tracks.

FACT’s review of Slava‘s debut album described Raw Solutions as “spirited, fiercely effective club music with nothing to hide.” The same can be said of his forthcoming EP, Comma Sutra, due out later this month on Software Recording Co.

Rather than the footwork deconstructions of his last effort, however, Comma Sutra promising a “more playful” set of melodic, house-laced club compositions, from the tempo-shifting groove of ‘Position’ to the elastic, fist-pumping ‘Better’ (which you can stream below).

Like the body-zipping art on Raw Solutions, Analisa Teachworth’s cover art is sure to turn some heads. Comma Sutra will be available in digital form on March 25; that art and the tracklist follow. Last year, Slava obsessed over Cassie’s Trilogy for our On Record series.

01. Position
02. Better
03. Lotus
04. Clique
05. Huge Pipes



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