Perc invites three artists into his oubliette. 

The Perc Trax boss’ brilliant second LP, The Power And The Glory, is a hammering exercise in shock-and-awe techno – shattered, nasty club music, spotted with demonic giggles and Whitehouse-grade screams. Next month, the producer will turn select album tracks over to a number of contemporaries for a new remix 12″.

Untold – the man responsible for the other exceptional roughneck techno LP released in the last couple of months – contributes a remix of ‘Bleeding Colours’. R&S and Punch Drunk-approved Radio 1 jock Tessela provides a remix of the shredding ‘Take Your Body Off’, and Turbo regulars Clouds have a a crack at ‘Dumpster’.

The Power and the Glory Remixed will arrive on April 11 through Perc Trax. In the meantime, spend some time with Perc’s walloping February FACT mix.

A1 Take Your Body Off (Tessela Remix)
B1 Bleeding Colours (Untold Remix)
B2 Dumpster (Clouds Remix) 



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