Make your own radiophonic jams with Jonny Trunk's new virtual vintage synthesiser

Jonny Trunk presents the official app for the cult ’60s synth.

When it launched in 1969, the EMS VCS3 was the first cheap(ish), portable and easy to program synthesiser on the market, gaining fans among prog rock voyagers like Hawkwind and Pink Floyd and at the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop, where Delia Derbyshire bought a few units for the studio tinkerers.

The real deal will set you back a few grand, of course, but armchair musicians can now get their stubby iPad fingers on a stunning-looking emulator app created by writer, DJ and Trunk Records boss Jonny Trunk.

As you can see from the video preview below, the iVCS3 is a faithful recreation of the vintage synth, offering layer upon layer of programming options just like the real thing. It’s available in the iTunes store now for £10.49.

Meanwhile, synth fanatics and gear heads should head straight to FACT’s exhaustive guide to the 14 synthesizers that shaped modern music, including the EMS VCS3.

Check out the video preview:



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