big strick like father like son

Detroit house producer Big Strick will team up with his son Generation Next – a.k.a. Lil Strick – for a new album, Like Father Like Son.

The pair released a 12″ of the same name late last year, and all three tracks from that single – ‘Rain Dance’, ‘Like Father Like Son’ and ‘And You Too’ – reappear here alongside seven other tracks.

It’s Strick’s third album in total, following 2011’s Detroit Heat and 2010’s 100% Hustler, released on Omar-S’s FXHE label (Strick is Omar’s older cousin). It will be released on April 7.

1. Big Strick – “1802”
2. Generation Next – “The Myth Of Miami”
3. Big Strick – “Stickin’ & Movin'”
4. Generation Next – “And You Too”
5. Big Strick – “Rain Dance”
6. Big Strick – “The Ride” (feat Tony Coates)
7. Generation Next – “Mo’ Money” (feat Don Q)
8. Generation Next & Big Strick – “Like Father Like Son”
9. Generation Next & Big Strick – “Full Of Life”
10. Generation Next – “Flynn’s”



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