NME's historic C86 compilation reissued with additional 50 tracks

And about time too.

Contrary to last year’s more modest reissue plans, Cherry Red Records has now announced it will reissue NME’s historic C86 compilation as a three-disc set with an additional 50 tracks. 

Originally released on cassette in 1986 and featuring bands like The Pastels, Shop Assistants and The Wedding Present, the C86 compilation soon gave its name to a flavour of indie-pop characterised by jangly guitars, sweet melodies and faux-naif attitudes.

The bumper reissue will contain two additional discs of tunes from BMX Bandits, Happy Mondays, The Turncoats, The Jesus and Mary Chain and more. Many of these songs have never been released on CD, and four have never been released at all.

Neil Taylor, the former NME writer who helped curate the first collection, has also written 11,500 words of liner notes to accompany the triple CD set, because as we know, twee indie types just love to read.

The expanded C86 is out via Cherry Red Records on June 9. [via Guardian]

Here’s the first track from side B of C86, The Shop Assistants’ ‘It’s Up To You’:



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