Grumbling Fur create surround sound score for immersive video installation in London church

Following last year’s visionary Glynnaestra comes another collaboration from the duo known as Grumbling Fur.

Thrill Jockey multi-instrumentalist Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan of Mothlite, Ulver and Æthenor have put their third eyes together on a special commission for an immersive art installation in Dilston Grove, a derelict concrete church-turned-art space in Southwark Park, south London.

Their soundtrack, created in 7.1 surround sound, accompanies a four channel video work by British artist Mark Titchner (director of Grumbling Fur’s ‘Protogenesis’ video), which will fill the vast concrete building with overlapping mantras and fast-cut images. Titled ‘Rose’, the installation is themed around the four elements and influenced by CIA interrogation techniques.

‘Rose’ will accompany another Titchner exhibition taking place at Dilston Grove’s sister space, Cafe Gallery. Both are open Wednesday to Sunday from April 2 until May 4, 2014. Head here for more information.

Last year FACT’s Chal Ravens stepped into the wyrd world of Grumbling Fur to talk mescaline, metaphysics and tears in the rain.



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