Hear Slugabed's Activia Benz label compilation of "bangers and clangers"

Peer into the future of DIY club anthems.

Ninja Tune loon Slugabed launched his Activia Benz label at the tail-end of 2012 with an EP of Belorussian 8-bit by Deech, followed by a clutch of bizarre transmissions from the likes of Eloq, 813 and the boss himself on last year’s This Is A Warning.

So far, so unique, and now Slugabed has gathered together the original Activia acts and a swathe of pals including Silkersoft, DZA, DJ DJ Booth and My Panda Shall Fly for a 12-track compilation, Activia Frenz Vol. 1 (set to be the first in a series).

Listen out for “deep space R&B” and “one-take analogue techno” as well as a stash of Rustie-influenced, neon-daubed DIY club music that draws on everything from hip-hop, grime and rave to video games, boogie, new age, Drake and elevator muzak.

Remarkable stuff and essential listening, too, for anyone interested in the mutated 21st century vibes of vaporwave.

Stream the compilation below and download it here or on Bandcamp:



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