Kanye West dodges prosecution. 

On July 19 2013, the rapper was involved in a fracas with photographer Daniel Ramos at Los Angeles International Airport. West reportedly wrestled the paparazzo to the ground and attempted to snatch his camera. He was subsequently charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft – crimes which, on paper at least, could have landed him a year in prison if convicted. Ramos also filed a lawsuit against West, with the rapper correspondingly claiming he was acting in self-defence.

As Pitchfork report [via TMZ], the rapper has escaped prosecution having pleaded no contest to the battery charge. As a result, Kanye must now perform 250 hours of community service and attend 24 anger management sessions. He has also been placed on informal probation for two years – meaning that, if the terms aren’t violated, his charge will be excised from the record. The rapper is also liable for the photographer’s medical and equipment bills. West’s plea means that the attempted grand theft charge has been dropped.



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