Film composer Brian Reitzell announces solo debut Auto Music – hear his Kevin Shields collaboration 'Last Summer'

My Bloody Valentine frontman pops up on composer’s debut.

Brian Reitzell may not be on your radar just yet, but chances are you’ve heard his work. As well as drumming for Redd Kross and Air, he’s composed and curated music for films by Gus Van Sant and Sofia Coppola (including The Bling Ring score, which he worked on with Oneohtrix Point Never), TV shows Hannibal and Boss and the video game Watch Dogs.

This summer he steps into the breach with his debut solo record, Auto Music, released on the eclectic Norwegian indie Smalltown Supersound. The album began as a series of private recordings made to explore textures and sounds for his movie music, and while making the album he screened DVDs in his studio, resulting in each track having a specific visual reference.

“I wasn’t making a pop record,” says Reitzell. “I was experimenting with sounds to further my knowledge for creating music for my film projects and exploring new ways to make music.”

He adds: “I wanted to make music that felt like my drive from my house to my studio – roughly six miles. I liked the structure of the drive: never repeating, unless I forgot something at home and had to go back! It was sort of like ‘event music’ where little things come into view and then another one takes its place as you drive past.”

The first track to surface is ‘Last Summer’, a blissed out droner inspired by a conversation with My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, who also plays organ on the track. Hear that below.

Auto Music is out on June 10 on Smalltown Supersound.


1 Last Summer
2 Ozu Choral
3 Ozu
4 Gaudi
5 Auto Music 1
6 Beehive
7 Oskar
8 Honeycomb
9 Auto Music 2



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