Channel 4 to air five-part series on UK garage, Bristol bass, jungle, hardcore punk and Balearic

Music Nation looks back at the best of the UK underground.

After the success of the UK garage mini-documentary Brandy & Coke, Dazed has teamed up with Channel 4 to produce a five-part series exploring the most vital underground scenes from Britain’s recent musical history – UK garage, Bristol bass, jungle, hardcore punk and Balearic.

Mixing personal stories with archive footage, each half-hour documentary in will take in the key players, fashions and music of the scenes and explore their impact on British youth culture.

Music Nation arrive on Channel 4 next month, kicking off with a full-length version of garage author and photographer Ewen Spencer’s Brandy & Coke on April 2.

Following that, Berkshire Goes Balearic recounts Ibiza-style hedonism in the home counties, while Bristol Bass Oddity looks at the West Country culture clash that unexpectedly steered the direction of electronic music around the world.

The UK’s late ’80s hardcore punk scene and DIY culture is examined in Soap The Stamps, and the series finishes up with Jungle Fever, a look at jungle’s journey to mainstream dominance from its humble beginnings in Hackney.

In the meantime, watch the original Brandy & Coke over at Dazed.



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