“I don’t write rhymes, I write checks.”

Despite having more money than Jesus, and primarily being known as a celebrity booze rep, Sean Combs occasionally feels the need to let the world know that he’s still, at heart, a rapper. Sometimes this means that we get unexpected treasures like 2010’s surprisingly excellent (and still underrated) Last Train to Paris full-length, but usually we end up with a Frankenstein’s monster of misjudged tracks written by a seemingly random selection of rappers who were available to take the payout.

Well it’s that time again, but strangely on the awkwardly named MMM (gross, dude), Combs has reverted to his long dormant Puff Daddy moniker, no doubt in an effort to inform the “real heads” that he’s back on the rap tip. Assuming they ever cared to begin with.

Typically he’s enlisted a handful of contemporary rap’s starry elite to help him on his journey – Rick Ross and French Montana just for starters – and from the few seconds of audio we get to hear in the teaser video, it sounds pretty much exactly how you’d expect. Somebody call Dawn Richards, stat.

Make sure you check FACT’s recent ghostwriters article if you need to brush up on exactly who’s been behind the mogul’s best verses. [via The Fader]



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