Need a fix of “real hip-hop”? Mobb Deep are here to provide.

Queensbridge originals Mobb Deep have long stood for a very specific brand of hardcore rap music that many feel has slipped away in the last decade. It feels timely then that they should launch their new album, The Infamous Mobb Deep which, as you’ve probably noticed sports a title remarkably close to 1994’s crucial The Infamous.

Well the wait is over, and you can now stream the record in its entirety over at Pandora. Packed with contributions from rap’s old guard – from Nas to Bun B – it’s a record that we reckon might perk up the disillusioned masses who think that the new wave of Atlanta rap simply sounds like a bunch of lads screaming over a laptop.

FACT’s U.S. team (John Twells, Chris Kelly and Bryan McKay) interviewed Prodigy and Havoc at SXSW recently, and you can watch the results here.



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