The Baltimore club iconoclast shares his Trinity EP.

When we spoke with Blaqstarr, he told us his next project would be “the fusion of everything: past, present, future. I’m giving ‘em the holy trinity.”

He wasn’t just being lofty: after mining the archives for the Blaq Files EP, his next project is called Trinity. Due out for purchase on March 31, the EP is more the “present” and “future” parts of Blaqstarr’s promise, stripping away the bombast of Baltimore club and punctuating his own take on R&B psychedelia with the devastating low-end that has marked his work.

‘The River’, which Blaq played for us during his interview, finds him “expressing [himself] lyrically to the rhythm” (his description of the rap-like bits) over a dusty backbeat. Stream the track below and download the EP with a tweet.



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