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Making it to the top of the charts as an independent artist can be an almost impossible task — unless you have the expert music distribution services of Ditto at your disposal.

Whether you want an expert to simply distribute your work to the leading online stores, or you require help with all aspects of music promotion, there are several, off-the-shelf services available that give you the best chance possible of making a success out of your foray into cut-throat music industry.

For a small fee, the experts at Ditto Music will pitch your music video to VEVO via some of the industry’s leading PR people. If successful, you could find your video posted on VEVO’s front pages alongside some of the icons of world music. Ditto also enjoys a close working relationship with the MUZU network, which gives you the potential to access millions of future fans in their homes.

A large part of making it big in the music industry involves dealing with the press. By having a good relationship with magazines, online publications and music journalists, you can create a media hype around yourself before you’ve even released your first single. The writers at Ditto Music can craft attention grabbing press releases to create a buzz around your upcoming albums and singles. For a small fee, Ditto Music will launch your career via several online channels – leaving you free to perfect your work.

Recording a fantastic song or album is usually only the start of a long and arduous journey to stardom. You will need to plan a strategy that encompasses every aspect of press promotion, including the use of social media, raising awareness, gauging the public’s reaction to your material and creating interest in your work. For a small monthly fee, Ditto Music can utilise its extensive network of contacts to do this on your behalf.

The likes of Facebook and Twitter represent fantastic opportunities for aspiring musicians to do a little networking of their own. By promoting your work on social media sites, you can gauge the initial reaction of the very people who are likely to buy your music in the future. However, too many recording artists neglect this fantastic opportunity in favour of more traditional forms of social connection. At Ditto Music we have extensive experience in formulating social media strategies to enhance fledgling careers in the industry. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can tap into that wealth of knowledge and know-how – giving your career a welcome kick start.

The world’s biggest artists all rely on strong leadership and management in order to keep their careers relevant, successful and wide-reaching. Whether you think it’s a good thing or not, the modern music industry is a huge business, and the best way to ensure you maximise your income and exposure is to treat it in the same way. By investing in a career building campaign from Ditto, you will be mentored by industry experts who know the industry inside out. You will get advice at every stage of the process, as well as the market-leading range of music promotion services that Ditto is renowned for.

Ditto will be there every step of the way during those all-important first steps of your career. Through a combination of networking, expert PR and Ditto’s vast experience, you can give yourself a fantastic chance of making a success out of your career in music.



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