You might not have come across K. Leimer before, but don’t let that deter you.

His interest in music was piqued while he was growing up in Seattle in the early 70s, and had his musical ideas challenged by Can, Neu! and most tellingly Cluster. Realizing he didn’t need classical musical training to start experimenting with recording methods, he acquired a studio’s worth of cheap gear (including a Micromoog and a tape machine) and began to sketch out tracks.

Inspired also by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno’s then brand-new looping techniques, Leimer developed a distinct style of experimental ambient music which he showcased on a slew of cassettes, released on his own Palace of Lights imprint. Brooklyn’s RVNG team have now painstakingly compiled some of Leimer’s most outstanding unheard compositions into A Period of Review – a mammoth compendium spanning the period of 1975-1983.

‘Gisella’ is the first snippet to emerge from the set, and wedges Leimer’s distinctive synthwork in-between tape-saturated wafts of piano. It’s warming, gorgeous stuff – just the kind of music that should help usher in the springtime.

A Period of Review (Original Recordings: 1975-1983) will be released on May 13 via RVNG.


01 Ceylon
02 My Timid Desires
03 From My Common Center
04 Explanation of Terms
05 From One To Ten
06 Entr’acte
07 Bump In The Night
08 (aka accident)
09 Facing East
10 At Daybreak
11 A Spiritual Life
12 Honey To Ashes
13 Stop It!
14 Two Voices
15 Lonely Boy
16 Practical Demonstration
17 Commercial
18 Gisella
19 Archie’s Dub
20 Ikumi
21 Reassurances
22 Assemble and Diffuse
23 Eno’s Aviary
24 Almost Chinese
25 Agfa / Lupa
26 The Phonic Chasm (feat. Dawn Seago)
27 Acquiescence
28 Malaise
29 All Sad Days
30 Porcelain (feat. Nancy Estle)



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