In July 2014, Somerset’s 2-day classical music festival, Orchestival, is poised to change people’s musical perceptions forever.

Primary a classical event, the organizers have wisely opted to focus on exciting collaborations between their regular team of musicians and a variety of operators in the electronic realm. Warp drill ‘n’ bass pioneer (and virtuoso bassist) Squarepusher, probably predictably has the most ambitious plan of all.

Joined by the festival’s very own Charles Hazlewood, Tom Jenkinson will be performing 2012’s Ufabulum alongside The Philharmonia Orchestra, taking the record into a direction we can hardly even imagine.

Elsewhere, Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory is due to re-interpret the works of JS Bach live with an ensemble of virtuoso Moog players. If you think you’ve heard this concept before, you probably have – Wendy Carlos’s synth-drenched 1968 album Switched On Bach was one of the 20th Century’s most popular “classical” albums. Even so we reckon Gregory’s interpretations will be a fresh take on a sound that’s been subject to a well-deserved re-appraisal in the last decade.

Most bizarre of all however, is cellist Matthew Barley’s plan to flip Wendy Carlos’s idea on its head by reworking some of the 1980s acid house classics into orchestral pieces with help from the Philharmonia. Entitled The Third Summer Of Love: Acid House Goes Symphonic we’re betting that this will be a performance that shouldn’t be missed under any circumstances.

For more information and to snag tickets, make your way over to the Orchestival website.



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