According to Florida Highway Police, members of Atlanta three-piece Migos and their entourage were involved in a shootout last night on I-95.

The band had been booked to perform at Cafe Iguanas in Broward, but after some kind of management disagreement they left the venue without performing. Later that evening while driving on I-95, a van containing Migos and five of their crew was fired on by another vehicle – a member of the Migos party returned fire, and in the shootout one person took a bullet to the leg.

It’s not yet clear whether the person shot was indeed a member of Migos, but thankfully the injuries are said to be non-life threatening. FHP Trooper Joe Sanchez gave a full statement to Florida’s 7 News:

“They were supposed to be performing at Cafe Iguanas in Broward and apparently for whatever reason there was an altercation or disagreement with management and they didn’t perform, so as they were driving southbound on I-95, according to the witnesses in the van, a dark vehicle pulled along side them and opened fire, a member of the group was in possession of his personal handgun and he returned fire. “

We will be expanding the story as more information appears. [via WSVN]

Update: a spokesperson for the band has informed TMZ that nobody in the van was injured, and that they just visited the hospital as a precaution. The van, which is apparently riddled with bullet holes, has been seized by the police as evidence.



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