Brit noise explorer Z. Zsigo has been operating in the shadows for a number of years now, and is finally set to emerge.

Luke Younger’s esteemed Alter imprint is set to issue the first Cremation Lily vinyl album, Fires Frame The Silhouette, which will collect up remixes and reworks of Zsigo’s finest compositions. Over the last half-decade, Zsigo has put out tapes and 7″s on a variety of imprints, including Harbinger Sound and his own Strange Rules label, but this will be the first time most listeners will get a chance to pore over his crumbling drones.

Our first taster is the monolithic ‘Iron Pier’, which descends slowly from a mid-period Prurient-style harrowing synth drone into fractured tape noise and chain-rattling percussion. It’s gruesome, deeply engaging sound for those of you who aren’t afraid of a touch of darkness.



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