Brooklyn A/V duo Prism House  'The Skyline Breathes Tonight'

Their latest track for Ceremony is a techno-noise sound collage.

Prism House is the duo of Brian Wenner (music/live electronics) and Matt O’Hare (live visuals). After debuting last year with the Reflections EP, the pair will return to Ceremony Recordings for Landfall.

“The record’s vibe is urban and dense and truly embodies what we find exciting about today’s electronic music landscape,” they write. “The ultimate goal of this album was to create something unique and beautiful out of a time in life that has been both uncertain and at times tumultuous.”

Stream ‘The Skyline Breathes Tonight’ below. The EP is due out April 29 and is available to pre-order now. It will be backed with remixes from Software’s Thug Entrancer and Chicago duo The-Drum.



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