The oddly-titled Raven Yr Own Worl is Bass Clef‘s first 12″ for Bill Kouligas’s esteemed PAN imprint.

The London-based producer has been firing out wonky, bass-heavy belters for years now, and has managed to notch up releases on a plethora of labels, from Luke Younger’s unpredictable Alter to Bristol outpost Punch Drunk. Now he’s moved over to PAN and has put together a selection of four of his finest (and possibly funnest?) tunes to date.

Slithering from his much-loved modular synthesizer, these tracks strike a mid-point between the fractured early acid experiments of DJ Pierre and the twisted sci-fi electronics of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. ‘Self-Perpetuating Fun Loop’ is the best of the lot, reminding us of simpler times – the days of early Warp, Rephlex and Spymania 12″s when electronic music actually sounded like wheezing oscillators, cycling 16-step patterns and decaying tape.

Raven Yr Own Worl will be released on April 14 via PAN.



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