“I can definitely see another Gorillaz-esque record at some point, yeah.”

“That will almost definitely happen. I could put a Gorillaz record out next week; I’ve got enough stuff I haven’t finished.”

Damon Albarn instigates that hoary old semantic conundrum: what is the distinction between a “Gorillaz album” and a “Gorillaz-esque album”?

Turning his gaze to Blur, the singer also confirmed that he’s “sure we’ll play again at some point..it’d be mad to go the rest of our life and never play any of those songs again. [via NME]

Last week, we hosted an exclusive FACT mix from Albarn, featuring the likes of Erykah Badu, Matias Aguayo, Henry Mancini, and a sprinkling of unreleased Albarn material.



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